Chemical tests

Laboratorio chimico

The chemical laboratory is for analytical chemical investigations through the use of equipment (GC-FID, FTIR and UV-VIS spectrophotometer) for the qualitative and quantitative determination of samples of different nature.

List of tests

  • Chemical tests according to USP and European pharmacopeia
  • Determination of residuals of production process of medical device (e.g. Washing validation)
  • Determination of ethylene oxide residual (ETO) Ethylene chlorohydrin (EC) and ethylene glycole (EG) in medical device sterilized with ethylene oxide (ISO 10993-7)
  • Determination of global and specific migration from plastic material to food simulants
  • leachables/extractables according to ISO 10993-18
  • toxicological risk assessment according to (ISO 10993-17)

Chemical tests

Microbiological tests

Surgical masks tests

Bio-toxicological tests

Measuring laboratory

Packaging tests

Other tests