Measuring laboratory

Laboratorio Misure

The measurement laboratory includes instruments for dynamometric measurements, micrometric measurements on the profile projector and mobile instrumental equipment.


The mobile instrumental equipment is used both for sampling in controlled environments at external customers (particle counters, air samplers for microbiological controls, anemometers) and for the calibration of instruments (thermohygrometers, manometers, planar parallel blocks, sample masses, thermometers, luxmeter, sound level meter, data logger, micrometer).

List of tests

  • Instruments calibration (ISO 10012)
  • Clean Room validation ISO 14644-1/2
  • Particulate contamination in Clean Room (Camera Bianca) ISO 14644-1
  • Microbiological contamination in Clean Room (Camera Bianca) ISO 14698-1
  • Dynamometric test (pull test and compression)
  • Leak test of medical device

Chemical tests

Microbiological tests

Surgical masks tests

Bio toxicological tests

Measuring laboratory

Packaging tests

Other tests