Microbiological tests

Test Microbiologici

The microbiological laboratory is used for quantitative and microbiological investigations mainly on medical devices. The equipment used (including vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods, biohazard hoods, optical and inverted microscopes, stereo microscopes, thermostated and refrigerated incubators) allow to preserve the nature and characteristics of the sample, to identify microorganisms by working in a controlled and safe environment for the operator.

List of tests

  • Bioburden – (ISO 11737-1)
  • Sterility test on medical device (ISO 11737-2 / Farm. Eur. / USP) and on biological indicators (ISO 11138-1)
  • LAL Test (Farm. Eur. / USP)
  • Washing process validation
  • Evaluation of efficacy cleaning and disinfection/sterilization of re-usable medical device (ISO 17664, ISO/TS 15883-5, ASTM E 2314-03)
  • Microbiological validation of ethylene oxide sterilization (ISO 11135)
  • Microbiological validation of moist heat sterilization (ISO 17665-1)
  • Microbiological validation of sterilization by irradiation (ISO 11137-1/2)
  • Microbiological validation of aseptic processing (ISO 13408-1)
  • Microbiological challenge test

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Microbiological tests

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