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  • Test on catheter and enteral nutrition device (UNI EN 1615)
  • Single use Urethral catheter qualification (ISO 20696)
  • Compatibility of ophthalmic gel/spray/solution with soft/rigid contact lenses (ISO 11981)
  • Test on infusion device gravity feed (ISO 8536-4)
  • Test on hypodermic needle (ISO 7864)
  • Small-bore connectors for liquids and gases. Common tests method (ISO 80369-20)
  • Connector for intravascular or hypodermic applications (ISO 80369-7)
  • Intravascular catheter (ISO 10555-1)
  • Test on needle/tubes made of stainless steel (ISO 9626)
  • Chemical and functional test for transfusion device gravity feed (ISO 1135-4)
  • Chemical and functional test for transfusion with active device (ISO 1135-5)
  • Spontaneous contamination of solution after first opening (previous validation based on type of solution and test conditions)

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